Your App Idea (Probably) Sucks!

Heidi Pun



What if your idea turns out to be a flub?

In this ebook, I'll show you can find out if your idea will sell before paying developers to build your mobile or web app. Here’s how it will save you $1,000 of money and lots of time:

- Got many great app ideas? Test them and focus on one that works

- Technical co-founders will be dying to partner with you because you’ll have a proof that your idea is a winner

- You’ll be able to hire anyone knowing that you’ll make money

- Plus, you don’t need any technical knowledge

The ebook is based on the popular Udemy course taken by more than 900 students worldwide. The course was being sold for $49, but the recent pricing changes from Udemy forced me to move off the platform. I updated the content and decided to set a much smaller price to make it more affordable for anyone with an app idea.

Here's what the students had to say:

"What a great value. Heidi cuts to the chase, gives you useful and current information, and provides specific and step-by-step instructions for validating your ideas. And though the focus is specific (apps, and using Photoshop and MailChimp), the skills are very portable (digital goods, Sketch, and ConstantContact, for instance). Love it!" — Braden Bruington

"Excellent blueprint for validating an app idea - or any idea, really! Great introduction to key concepts, softwares and apps - and explained in a very comprehensible way! Highly recommended!" — Christian Spowe

"Thanks Heidi. I have a couple of ideas regarding apps and am primarily a web-developer, so diving into this was familiar ground for me, but I needed to be certain I was going to take the right turns. Your video gave me confidence in pursuing my ideas and moving forward with them. Thanks again & have a great day!" — Roger Sanchez​

As with all my products, I guarantee 100% satisfaction or your money back, no questions asked. No time limit on this guarantee either!

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Your App Idea (Probably) Sucks!

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